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Installing the correct tyres in your vehicle is crucial to ensure optimal car control and steering stability in different driving conditions. To cater to the diverse demands of your car, here at SWB Autos LTD, our enviable tyres Sutton collection is updated with variants like:

Summer tyres

The hard rubber compound of these products makes them an ideal option for hotter roads due to their lower rolling resistance. Consequently, you can enjoy improved fuel economy. Additionally, these products are reliable for optimal road grip on wet surfaces.

Winter tyres

The silica-infused natural content used in these tyres allows them to sustain their structural integrity when the mercury falls considerably. Moreover, the higher density of slits in these products offers them extra biting edges. These, in turn, can drain snow and slush away from the contact patch. So, your car faces a reduced risk of aquaplaning.

All-season tyres

As the name suggests, these products can offer optimal traction and braking performance all year on dry, wet and snowy surfaces. So, if you drive in a moderate climate area, these tyres are an informed investment.

4x4 tyres

These tyres come designed to offer dependable performance on both on-road and off-road trips. Notably, their robust sidewall structure and carcass design enable these tyres to withstand road debris impacts on unpaved terrains without sustaining any damage.

Performance tyres

These tyres are primarily made for sports cars to resist heat build-up during acceleration and maintain stable cornering precision at high speeds.

Run-flat tyres

During a tyre puncture, these products do not deflate and allow you to drive a certain distance at a limited speed.

These products by bestseller brands are available across various price ranges:

  • Premium range: Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear
  • Mid-range: Avon, Yokohama, Uniroyal
  • Budget range: Infinity, Rotalla, Jinyu

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We understand the challenges of coming down to a workshop with a busy schedule. Hence, buy tyres from us online using the Tyre Finder Tool on our website. You only need to input the vehicle registration number or tyre size in this portal to browse our collection and make your choice.

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